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Updated: May 4, 2021

DATE: 02/10/21

Local nonprofit ANSIL has been trying to resume normal operations since former board president Lisa Colville tried to seize control in November 2020.

After a series of actions the Board of Directors regarded as inappropriate and inconsistent with the company’s bylaws and mission, Ms. Colville falsely announced that she is running the organization and began a campaign of personal attacks and accusations against founder and Executive Director Tobaski Snipes, other board members, volunteers, and program participants. From the Board’s point of view, a nonprofit dedicated to serving the Tri-Cities homeless population is a bad venue for someone to use as a springboard for personal ambition and a platform for launching baseless personal attacks on other people.

Originally a program developed by River of Life Metropolitan Church (ROLMCC), ANSIL was founded as a 501c3 in 2018 by Executive Director Tobaski Snipes, who has been working with many dedicated volunteers to build the program and support the most vulnerable young adult population.

Reached for comment, Mr. Snipes said “For two years we have been thriving as an organization and building a great relationship with the Tri-Cities Community. Ms. Colville began as a volunteer and rose in the organization before revealing her true nature. It’s sad that we have to expend valuable time and resources towards countering her destructive actions while still serving our clients and residents. One reason we're speaking out about this is the concern that if this kind of thing can happen to our organization, it can happen to anyone."

The Board and Executive Director have been meeting with ANSIL’s lawyers to determine how best to address the current, unwelcomed disruptions, so the organization can move forward productively, and with renewed energy in its mission of serving the local homeless population.

Contrary to Ms. Colville’s public claims of being both the President of the Board and the Executive Director, and her attempts to maintain a physical presence at the ANSIL facility, she is not a President, Director, employee, or volunteer of ANSIL.

ANSIL's Board members want to be transparent and continue to earn the trust and confidence of the people who have always supported ANSIL under Tobaski’s leadership. It is their hope that by sharing this situation publicly, the truth of what has happened will come to light.

Update 5/4/21 ANSIL is no longer represented by Gravis Law. Please direct all inquiries to

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