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"Yesterday is not ours to recover...but tomorrow is ours to lose."

~ Lyndon B. Johnson


ANSIL’s Young-Adult Program is a low-barrier program which provides hope, housing options, support in education and employment, and ongoing mentorship for at-risk young-adults, ages 18-24, who are in need of mentorship, who need permanent housing options, who need to finish high school or pursue higher education or training, or who are ready to take the steps to join the public workforce.


ANSIL’s Young Adult Program contributes to the participant’s life by focusing on the individual program participant’s needs and providing options for; transitional housing, training and securing of basic life-skills, classes in employment and trades, requiring high-school completion, providing tutoring support, supporting higher education and training, support and training in gainful employment and permanent housing, along with ongoing life mentorship and leadership training.


Youth, ages 18-24, are a very high-risk population that is under-served in many communities, including ours.  According to a report by The Institute of Medicine (IOM) and National Research Council (NRC) “Investing in the Health and Well-Being of Young Adults” 

(Report Brief)

(Brief: Marginalized Young Adults)


“Young adulthood—spanning approximately ages 18 to 26—is a critical period of development, with long-lasting implications for a person’s economic security, health, and well-being”


“In previous generations, the general path for most young adults was to graduate from high-

school, enter college or the workforce, leave home, find a spouse, and start a family. Today, those pathways are considerably less predictable, often extended, and sometimes significantly more challenging, presenting more choice and opportunity for some young adults—and more barriers to others.”


“Marginalized young adults—such as children of low-income immigrants, those aging out of foster care, those in the justice system, those with disabilities, those who dropped out of school, and those who bear responsibility for raising young children—are much less likely than other young adults to experience a successful transition to adulthood. Meeting the needs of marginalized young adults not only improves their lives and can reduce persistent inequalities due to family background, but also has the potential to help them become fully contributing members of society. Absent deliberate action, however, this period of development is likely to magnify inequality, with lasting effects through adulthood.”



ANSIL Hall is part of ANSIL’s Young Adult Program. It is a low-barrier transitional housing unit where we house up to 15 co-ed residents at once in a combination of a one-bedroom apartment, plus four 3-bed dorm-style rooms complete with a communal style kitchen, showers, restrooms, a living area, and laundry facilities. This program provides support and life skills training (tutors, life skills, case management, employment and housing counseling, mentoring, and leadership) for homeless at-risk young adults, ages 18-24. Participation in ANSIL’s Young Adult Program is required. 


ANSIL House:

ANSIL House is the next step after ANSIL Hall for those 18-24-year-olds who have graduated high school and have shown their exemplary progress through ANSIL Hall’s program. This program continues to provide support and life skills training (tutors, life skills, case management, employment and housing counseling, mentoring, and leadership) for homeless at-risk young adults, ages 18-24. ANSIL House is a home where up to 6 co-ed residents can live and provides 4 bedrooms, complete with a communal kitchen, showers, restrooms, a living area, and laundry facilities. Participation in ANSIL’s Young Adult Program is required.


Our Vision

Being able to meet basic needs has been proven to better an individual’s chances to remove themselves from dangerous situations and to give them the tools to be self-sufficient when it comes to being able to continue lifting themselves from poverty. Once their basic needs are met, our program participants will be able to focus on their future: from finishing high school, discovering their passions, pursuing higher education, entering the workforce, and procuring permanent housing and stability.

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